Due to Covid-19 sterilization/sanitation & Increased Fuel costs:

1. All orders for Fresh Produce over Rs.1300/- are delivered free.(This does not include Grocery & Eggs )
2. Our standard delivery charges for Greater Noida, is Rs.100
3. External Sterilization & Sanitization for Covid 19 - Charges are Rs. 25.00 
4. All orders below Rs.1300/- Standard Delivery Charges are Rs.79
5. We do not deliver any order below Rs.600
6. Special packing charges (If required) especially for perishable fruits & vegetables will vary between Rs.7 - Rs.19 (It Depends on box size & Number of Boxes)
7. Only one offer will be applicable on all orders ( Whichever is applicable & highest)

PS: Loyalty Discounts of 1% starts with you 2nd order (applicable on Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy & Poultry only)
       Bulk discount of 2% is applicable on all order over Rs.1300 (applicable on Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy & Poultry only)
       Delivery discount will be zero for all orders over Rs.1300, however it will be offered only if your LD + BD is less than delivery charges. 

All toll charges are divided equally among all orders along the route if there are any.