Are the Organic Products Certified?

All products are 100% certified unless mentioned otherwise.

Are the prices mentioned on the website final?

All prices are final for the order placed.

Can I cancel my order after placing it?

Same day cancellation is possible as long as they are before 1800 hrs. IST

Do you have a store where I could buy from?

No, the idea of us having an online store is to cut the overheads so that the products are available to you at the most economical cost.

Where all do you deliver?

Currently we deliver throughout Gurgaon, South Delhi & Noida (Including Greater Noida) Gurgaon - On Sunday’s South Delhi - On Wednesday’s Noida Greater Noida - On Saturday’s

What if I am not home, when you deliver?

We would request you to ensure that there is someone to receive the order. We will collect the payment next time we deliver.

How much are the delivery charges or is there a minimum to wave them?

As long as the order is over INR 699/- we charge only Rs 30.00 For any out of the way , less than Rs.700 or out of Day deliveries we charge Rs.50 to 70/- depending on the location.

When will the grocery be delivered if the order is placed today before 1500 hrs. IST?

We would make the deliveries next day starting 1200 hrs. IST

Is there a person & number to call in case I am not happy with the products or service?

Do feel free to call the customer care number or drop a mail to me at [email protected] We have a 100% money back policy.