Incident That changed my life, Vision &  Mission 

I was happy working as a Sr. "Corporate Slave" in one of the largest IT MNC in the world, earning a 7 figure salary travelling across the globe. Suddenly one day my world came crashing down as I got the news of my mother diagnosed with multiple organ failure. I immediately took a sabbatical came down to Kolkata to nurse my Mom back to health. Despite all my  effort unfortunately we could not save her. 

After deep personal investigation & research, also expert opinions for its causes, led me to believe that it was due to Chemicals , pesticides & residues in her food & water. 

That's it !! I teamed up with my school friend (An experienced farmer & an organic produce expert) to form this company. With our own specific Vision & Mission as follows 

Vision Statement : Our effort is to grow organically & provide safe, chemical & pesticide-free foods at the most economical prices to our customers.

Mission Statement : We have & are collecting together groups of organic farmers & farmers who want to move to organic farming by providing them the platform, training, techniques & methodology to certify themselves. To help them market their products to customers who are organically inclined. 

Regards - Rahul Chatterjee Jt. Managing Director